Welcome to Adventure Bus Charters

Since 1983, Adventure Bus Charter & Tour Bus Inc. has been providing motor coach transportation from our location in Birmingham, Alabama. Given our utmost commitment to our passengers, it’s no surprise we’ve become the preferred choice of transportation throughout Birmingham over the years.

From national champion sports teams and corporate groups to schools and churches, Adventure Charter Buses has long provided premium service for every individual traveling from coast to coast. Our experienced and friendly operators are always willing to travel anywhere you need to go, since our routes proudly span the United States and beyond.

In the past, we’ve traveled as far as Canada and Alaska, learning how to better accommodate our passengers and streamline our service along the way. Though we began in 1983 with only one motor coach, we have since grown into our current fleet of over 30 buses. These comfortable and safe vehicles can handle a capacity of 55 passengers, so there’s never a need to worry about size!

Adventure Bus Charter not only specializes in transporting groups of all different needs, backgrounds, and organizations but also provides excellent planning services for your school trip, family reunion, or sightseeing tour.

We value providing the best service in Birmingham, and encourage all questions from our trusted passengers. No matter the occasion, Adventure Bus Charter is ready and willing to provide the most reliable help at any hour of the day. We will take you here, there, and everywhere at your nearest convenience.

For any additional inquiries, scheduling issues or prospective trips, please contact Adventure Bus Charter today! Since we operate a loyal and full-service business, we promise to always contact you as soon as possible with the answers you deserve. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Why Choose Adventure for your Next Charter?

Modern Fleet – Adventure’s motor coach fleet is one of the most modern and best maintained fleets in the Southeast. We employee 5 full time mechanics and 5 clean-up personnel, which keep our fleet in excellent condition.

Insurance – Most companies carry only the minimum amount of insurance as required by law. Adventure provides coverage above and beyond the required amount!

Safety – Our Company has consistently maintained the highest safety rating from the Department of Transportation and the Department of Defense. Our drivers have been recognized nationally for their achievements in safety. Twice a year we invite the Alabama DOT officers to our facility to inspect our buses. Once a year we undergo a comprehensive DOT Audit. We do this upon request so that we can provide the highest standards of safety.

Training – Each Adventure driver must complete an extensive training course in driver training, security procedures, and customer service techniques before sitting behind the wheel of a motor coach. Each driver is required to participate in drug & alcohol testing, medical examinations, and extensive background checks.

Technology – In-Motion Satellite TV, wireless internet, and live GPS mapping and tracking are available on most of our fleet. To ensure your group has the most enjoyable and safest travel experience, Adventure Bus Charter is dedicated to providing the latest technology advancements in the transportation industry. Every coach is equipped with cell phones for communicating with our Dispatch Center. All of our drivers are equipped with GPS tracking systems. Every coach has video capabilities with a DVD player.

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